HELP! I need a mechanic to repair this breaking news!
I did walk on the way but now I sway
Feeling like I should run away
I feel gone astray
The environ is not conducive
Nothing is supportive
‘Tseems I’m on the wrong side of the world.
I did cry,’this is my dignity’
The first of my priorities
But you soiled my integrity
Uncontrolled emotions the Case’s nitty-gritty

I gave u my Pitcher for peace
But u crushed it against a piece of rock
Please, gather my pieces

In vain did my heart tingle
The tangled tingle of the bell amidst the
In here are crimson pieces of
Glossy glowing sometimes gloomy and gloating
Love-glittering glinting glimmering glazing
Gleaming Glassware

Boys are not smiling!
Mosquitoes are biting.
Bikers are riding
It is raining
And Love is cold
Who will get Love warm?
A warmth shivered down my cold spine
I cry red and blue
But ‘I do my crying in the rain’
Yet, it breeds red floody indigo
Course-ing it’s course down the Niger
I am the synonym of a Broken Pitcher
Feeling like loving again.

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Copyright © Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)

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