“Breaking The Chains”

I do not shed my heartfelt, silent tears, because of you
Or the emotional damage that you have caused to me.
Throughout too many years of abuse, and criticism
I now know, that you are absolutely, not worth it.
You truly are the epitomy of a façade, a fake, for all to see.

I am sad, disheartened, and sometimes rendered into disbelief
That you are not the person, I thought you were. Or would be.
Your charismatic charm, using words of false endearments
Has destroyed trust and love from others, but especially from me.
You inflict ridicule to those, who do not meet your selfish needs.

You have utterly destroyed belief in you, when I remained steadfast and true.
Though I have now enabled myself to cut the chains, that you encased me within.
Pursuing shadowed dreams which drowned within your demands, needs for you.
Faded memories, and too much sorrow. Believing in a better day, for tomorrow.
The loss of you has strengthened me, to pursue my goals, with no more sorrow.

Written by Lyndell Muirhead
22nd March 2015

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Copyright © Lyndell Muirhead

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