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  • October 3
    In Philosophy
    Something is changed Suddenly In the Spring’s air I […]
  • Sullen muse
    In Sadness
    O’ my sullen muse!, Just for one dreadful night, […]
  • Consuming myself
    In Love
    And now I consume myself, Because it now only Mimics […]
  • HOME
    In Sadness
    One, two, three… The count goes on Lost upon […]
  • Loneliness
    In Uncategorized
    To be alone is like a flower without fragrance Wild […]
  • Wind and the rose
    In Uncategorized
    Wind blows rose sways The chillness thrills and spells […]
  • Miind
    In Uncategorized
    Mind sometime you twinkle like a star Mind wante like […]
    In Joy
    A birth of a new light in the sky My Charismatic […]
  • Smile
    In Joy
    Smile…. a magical lexicon A symbol of friendship […]
  • Love
    In Love
    Love is the thread Emotion and feeling are the strands […]

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