Our perception of self
Our worldly outlook
Our moral standings
Our religious functions
Our ways and traditions
Our spiritual conventions
Are founded by beliefs

It is the human cocoon
From which we bloom
Into what we become
Our minds are guided
By concepts and rubrics
Taught, faced or drilled
Into our consciousness

So we act in accordance
To what we believe
This is the golden key
That builds or destroys
It’s often used or abused
When gathering a flock
Or amassing a following

For religious charades
For political arenas
For radical innuendos
For cult and occult practices
For individual crusades
For good or evil

Belief is an efficient tool
Meant to guide and teach
And show us the way
To wisdom, understanding
And matters of divine truths
Instead it has become
A tool of manipulation

To indoctrinate persons
To proselytize a people
To influence individuals
To waylay the sheep
To govern and control
To spread false ideologies
Which poison the very minds

Of the young and innocent
Of the morally vulnerable
Of the weak and the poor
Of the lost trying to belong
Of the foolish and ignorant
Of the broken and desperate
Of the blind and disillusioned

We’re living in terrible times
Witnessing horrible things
Satanic rituals and sacrifices
So much death, destruction
And loss of innocent lives
Through grave acts of terror
Orchestrated by obnoxious beliefs

Please do not be deceived
You are damning yourself
Seek wisdom and truth
Spiritual not intellectual
Only divine understanding
Will beget light and clarity
To free those already enslaved

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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Also at: https://bernardowor.wordpress.com/beliefs-our-salvation-and-damnation/

Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged.


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