Oh butterfly you be...

Oh butterfly you be…













Oh butterfly you be my valentine
I will grow more flowering plants.

My sweet nightingale, be my valentine
Will bless you green branches,silent nights.

My dry earth , you be my valentine
I will wet you with my sweat and labor.

My grand my , be my valentine dear
Will lift and take to temple of love.

My dear sweet patient, be my valentine
i will show you a path to prevent diseases.

O little insects of the garden, be my valentine
I will give u dry leaves ,dead trees as your home.

My lovely face book friends, be my valentines
Will give you my fresh poems as daily gifts to you.

My little heart beating in my cage, be my valentine
I will fill with pure love to sprinkle on this GLOBE.
seema devi. 10.2.14
My digital art…

Copyright © Seema Devi
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