In poetic ambiance I’ve come to acknowledge my place
It has bestowed an awareness that nothing can replace
And restores the inner peace which I can’t help misplace
Poetry such a rare and special gift no force can displace

Through the webs of daily life that we often interlace
My safe zone only exists within the walls of its palace
From day to day struggles it adorns me with solace
My life is always held together by a thin poetic lace

It reaches far beyond this mortal flesh interface
And awakens the spirit that lies under the surface
Thus a spiritual wisdom is seduced to resurface
And has me encouraged against the hurdles I face

Its enchanting powers is never lower than an ace
Indeed like a lover it can quicken my hearts pace
And oblivious to the limitations of time and space
Through its indulgence I’ve discovered eternal grace

There is much wisdom and light in its poetic embrace
It replenishes me with strength not to quit life’s race
My worries and troubles often vanish without a trace
It presents a new beginning from any past of disgrace

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