The figuring of what life’s about     inner-champ
The life’s circumstances that clout
The many big dreams that sprout
And the life’s journey to seek them out

The endless trials and tribulations bout
The many hurdles and obstacles to rout
The past sins and mistakes that shout

And the many hardships that burn us out

The strength and spirit of a stout
The hustle and bustle of a tout
The muscle and tousle of a lout

And the plans and try’s that fail to pan out

The own faults and weakness to scout
The fears and doubts that fill our snout
The beliefs within that inflame like gout

And the hope and faith that tends to run out

The creating of opportunities if they don’t spout
The hard choices to make and can’t do without
The risks to take and the odds against to flout

And the never giving up will force your inner champ to comes out

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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