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Victor Adex
Victor Adex

Adetimilehin "Vic'Adex" Inioluwa is a student artist a public speaker, he is the founder of Vic'Adex concepts, aimed at invoking crystal consciousness.


He Who fights::Spoken Words::

He who Fights Only he who fights conquers You may not have your back against the wall If you don’t

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Nothing New :: Spoken Words:

That the year is new, is nothing new Nothing is! Not even you! Not the challenges and the opportunities too

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Brevity – Spoken Word

Call for submission 0-39 seconds poetry videos! On any theme! Brevity is key! DO you have a Video that falls



my childish dreams were high and gay where roses fly and passion rain and joyful twits around me play where



Many years ago you were born With tears, laughter and joyful song Nothing but smiles you brought along The death

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Greatness Too Is Meant For You

                  From earth, went forth, and back to earth, The classic tale

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