An Amusement Park!

An Amusement Park!


feeling bored…want to laugh???

Feeling bored? Want to laugh ? Then come along with me on the safari of an amusement park. Here you will find creatures of a variety of species. So come on… read ahead……….!!!!!!!

Look there right on the first bench,


He sleeps at 6am

and wakes up at 8am.

Still as fresh as a daisy!!

Look there right next to him, Miss. Punctual,

Her whole life runs,

along the hands of the clock.

She enjoys in a small

world of hers within bounds.

Adjacent to her comes,

Miss. Tragedy Queen,

A day dreamer,


a laughing buster,

& very lucky

as she is loved by all.

Now comes ,

Mr. Charming,

He is known for his


A bit lazy

but even more efficient in his work.

Here comes the,

Mr. Einstein,

The most cute &

talented of all.

He has solution for every problem

& his best buddy is his ‘computer’.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













Now now now, its time for,


Named so,

as he can handle

many things simultaneously.

Look there right in the corner,

Miss. Tweety,

Always late, but perfect

in work.

Fed-up with languages,

& embarrassed due to height.

Now its turn of our,

Miss. Rapunzel,

All are crazy,

behind her long hair.

A late-comer

but brilliant in maths.

Now look very carefully at,

Miss. Universe,

Her walk, her make-up,

her madness,

& her romantic nature,

may she gets an equally romantic

better half.

Come closer and see,

Mr. Chava,

An excellent dancer,

good looking

& our comedian.

Now meet the one and only,

Mr. Price tag,

Wearing his Ray band


& his Pepe Jeans t-shirt,

he will guide you

with all the accurate prices.

But with a clean heart.

Look who is it, it is


The one and only one singer,

A rare combination of

romance & bhai-giri.

Now its turn of our beloved,

Mr. Tortoise,

A bit slow,

but very kind

& down to the earth.

Now open your eyes wide enough,

because now its turn of,

Miss. Asia-Pacific,

The most beautiful of all,

has made everyone crazy of

her ‘Katilana Ada’!!

Look who is that,

Mr. Pagal,

Very innocent & sweet,

His only problem is

his sensitiveness.

God give him courage

& health to face Life.

Now meet,

Mr. Question Mark,

Whatever you tell him,

He will surely

have a silly question to it.

Be careful he is,

Mr. Cabbage,

As he has to wear a layer

of clothes to make him

look fat.

But lovely by nature.

Hope you might be entertained in this amusement park of mine??? I have being enjoying this park of mine since last 3 years, and I will be missing this amusement in the forthcoming years too. There are still many species left to be introduced, but for know I must take your leave.See You !!!!! – Shraddha N. Rane

Copyright @ Shraddha N. Rane


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The Feeling….

The Feeling….

The Feeling

The Feeling

The feeling that I am beautiful,

Comes only when you say “You are beautiful”,

The feeling that I am perfect,

Comes only when you say “You are perfect”,

The feeling that I am special,

Comes only when you say “You are special”,

The feeling that I can make a difference in somebody’s life,

Comes only when you say “You can make a difference in my life”,

The feeling that I am in someone’s thoughts and prayers,

Comes only when you say “You are always in my thoughts and prayers”,

The feeling that I can do things efficiently,

Comes only when you say “You can do things efficiently”.

The feeling of being complete,

Comes when you are with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copyright @ Shraddha Rane



Synonym for Silence

Synonym for Silence


is the synonym for silence.

Sometimes it becomes,

a time to explore yourself.

Sometimes it makes,

you investigate your own flaws.

Sometimes it gives

you the opportunity to be your self,

where you can cry, laugh and do all sorts of madness.

Sometimes it,

turns into a bundle of thoughts.

Sometimes Worse than It

Sometimes Worse than It

Sometimes loneliness,

is worth it.


sometimes it is worse than it.

Copyright @ Shraddha Rane

Love Makes Life Live

Love Makes Life Live

Love Makes Life Live

Love Makes Life Live

Who says Love is a game?

Love is just a name.

Who says Love is dangerous?

Love is just normal.

Who says lovers are violent?

Lovers are just silent.

Who says love makes us go mad?

Instead love makes us a man.

Who says love is fake?

Love is just a calm lake.

Who says love is blind?

Love is just very kind.

Who says love is waste?

Love is a fate.

Who says love ruins life?

Instead love blossoms life.

Who says love teaches none?

Love teaches just fun.

Who says love kills lovers?


Copyright @ Shraddha Rane

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