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For Them

For Them Whole life you tried to know my truest When lot of things to give you You felt all


Reasonless Void

Anonymous fear capturing my mind As if my shadow would poke knife In my back Is it all that ‘


sometimes this happens

We are fade up with blood sucking bites And exploiters in day light with gentle faces We aim to rise


no idea

No idea I have no idea how ideal life could be Transplanted eyes at every moment To look like new


not poem

Not poem One page here one page there Spread all over in home like pieces Of my lost world On

Life, Sadness

who stole my ……….?

Who stole my……………? This is not simple to spread your body Like wings to say only but Anybody to tread

Life, Sadness

Challenges of love

Challenges of love Soothe my burning desires Quench my thirst Fulfil the never filling glass of infatuation Vanish my fears


After mom

After mom You left me alone as survivor on This heartless island Amidst these bitter facts doing Careless confession Like

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