Affection Never Dies

Affection Never Dies

COVER PAGE Affection Never DiesThis book is a description of two major themes, the first is animal trafficking around the globe and the second is the nature’s gifts to those, who has no occupation to find out! This book’s major observation to manifest the challenge in between the two different ideologies- the means of survival and the complexity of the state. It’s a battle of a young adopted child moony, who likes to help nature, eventually he didn’t know the means of the social behaviour, but he wants to work out with the society and he succeeds somehow to find out the real source of protecting the animals from the global trading resources as well.

Genre: Fiction or Novels, Pages: 195, Binding: Paperback, ISBN: 978-93-84333-63-8


I had placed an order and just received this book. Looking forward to a relaxed weekend in the company of this interesting and informative write…..


Vijay Vaghela





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