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Satya Srinivas
Satya Srinivas

Environment and Development Activist,based at Hyderabad. Been involved with various national and international organizations on environment and social issues. Published anthology of poetry in Telugu including an e book. Published English poetry Floating Tree poetry on nature(Amazon and Kindle,2014). Interested in Water colour portraits painting and Photography, held group shows, contributing Articles for vernacular media.



They rest With pale shadows Gazing at the changing horizons Haunting me. I can’t hear The echo of my heart


Mythical memories

Even my thoughts figure Like water images Under a microscopic eye Memories of both Have similar moon We both are


Deferred monsoon

Hope is incarcerated As a date in the calendar Celebrating every day As an event of depleted emotional relations Sky

Joy, Philosophy


My roots penetrate Into hidden layers of the soil Unfold into chorus Orchestrated by vivid birds on the branches Few



    Mid afternoon heat Frenzy red flowers A mild breeze sprays Tender colors On the naked earth Like left


Some Times

  Sometimes dying is a beautiful pain Leaving the nature of sharing behind us Some Times… Resting in peace Growing


Satya Srinivas and His Poem

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Black and green

                        The departed chameleon Under the Gulmohar tree The

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