Shadows and Dreams

Shadows and Dreams

Dreams of Love-Joseph-Benoit Guichard-MBA Lyon...

Dreams of Love-Joseph-Benoit Guichard-MBA Lyon 1935-42-IMG 0468 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











sure I love flowers
but the ones grow
out of cracks of rocks
And sure I love the petals
of that smile every time
it blooms on your lips

let’s make violet
with our red and blue
mark different shadows
that will glue
And let’s make orange
with our yellow and red
mark the dreams after sunset
that will ring true

only at this hour
when side light falling on leaves
shade and tone
shaping the cast
memories of you nicely
come on the scene
only when I sleep [avatar user=”ratidevi” size=”100″ align=”right”] day slides into night
dark lovely and beckoning
images of you lightly float
on the canvas of my dreams

Copyright © Ratih Dewi

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Attribution: By Creator:Benoit Guichard (Rama Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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Come into the Light

Come into the Light

COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Houten beeld van Kala R...

COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Houten beeld van Kala Rahu en Dewi Ratih voorstellende de maansverduistering TMnr 6298-3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
























So grateful am I, that with such a grace, I meet this person, whose writings are an embrace… and the lines flowed, like a duet and a swan song, flowing over the wings, of the tweeting bird, that the world knows as twitter, over the internet, in small packets, to result in this awesome duet! I hope that this song will be liked by Ratih Dewi and also other friends and other readers, in short, this entire big rotund world!

Ratih Dewi @ratidevi
come into
the light as shadows
are not bright
and colors
get grayer
when it’s farther away

Vijay Vaghela @vijvag
come back into
my life
for the days
are not as bright
colors have faded away
into shades of black and white…

Ratih Dewi @ratidevi
i’ll run to you
the source
of light
brings back
the colors
of my life

Vijay Vaghela @vijvag
together we can beat
the shadow
of the dark night
that our Love may shine bright
just like the dance of
the moon and starlight!

Ratih Dewi @ratidevi
rescue me
from the dark side
of the moon
bring the light closer
for me to reach out
to you

Vijay Vaghela @vijvag
as gray clouds
of age descend
we leave grayness behind
an evening sun we stroll and mind
to the entrance of
the colorful rainbow!

Ratih Dewi @ratidevi
and I’ll meet you at the edge
of the rainbow
under the evening sun
after the rain
wash away the pain
sweep away the gray

Vijay Vaghela @vijvag
seven days of the week
a dazzling drizzle [avatar user=”ratidevi” size=”100″ align=”right”] of seven colors
of our rainbow
and we shall come
into the light where it all began!

Copyright © Ratih Dewi and Vijay Vaghela

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