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Pheke Danish
Pheke Danish

My name is Pheke Ghulam Danish from South Sinjai, South Sulawesi, Indonesia .Completed my study at a college of STKIP BONE in 2010. Interested in writing poems inspired by the true life of the east of kalimantan with what felt in my stamping ground, Sinjai.

Life, Love, Sadness

Lost In Love

Sometimes,she feel so lost in that marriage were in That isn’t what she dreamed Neither one of them wins He

Joy, Life

Wind Of Change for Sinjai

Come,you will make the land of Sinjai indissoluble You will make the greatest changes in history the sun ever shone


three boys

          Two (or three) boys. Some place Some time There was a tea shop. Open not

Life, Philosophy


  In the Nine Islands there is not room enough: I want to soar high among the clouds, And, far



                Tears of blood fall from my broken heart I never thought We

Joy, Life


                          My Eastern Kalimantan house is good enough


A Moment Of Happiness

                        A moment of happiness, you and I sitting

Love, Sadness


                      My love dwelt in a Northern land. A grey

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