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She Felt Deeply Then

When she was younger, she would burst into tears, for no reason it seemed. The excruciating pain restricted her lungs


Massacre December 16

Death does not ask for a time or place only Almighty knows Who could have anticipated the horror of December


“Simple life”

Gumboots on her feet Skirt pulled above her knees Her long braid coiled on top of her head She sits


“I Felt You Then I Smiled”

I am embracing the fragrances of a wonderful new day. My heart is at peace. You wowed me the first


Wholesome and true

They found themselves in each other with a fire only they understand hearts pounding to the same rhythmic tune They


“Dance of the Swaying Trees”

  Heavy rain and wind Lashing against the trees Shaking and swaying the branches A beautiful sight” Tapping her feet


“Carefree in His Love”

                            I am as free as the


Cry in the Night

        “Cry in the Night” (full poem) 1st March 2014 I will always love you, Please don’t

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