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Oppong Benjamin
Oppong Benjamin

Clifford is well known in his Family of Six as Atta (The Akan name for the older of a twins). I was born in a gentle village that sits solitarily on the hills of the Tarkwarean Range at Western Ghana called Prestea. After High School I became interested in Pan Africanism and Diaspora studies. I started reading so much about Africa. After I had drunk from the cups of our fathers, I became energized and poised to talk their walk and do their do. I founded Builders of the African Dream which brought together so many humanitarianism foundations across Africa. It was on the journey to a Better Africa for Africans that I found Poetry. Clifford has written so many Poems and articles on Pan Africanism and other themes of Life. He is a regular contributor to the largest and fastest growing Poetry community online WRRpoetry. Clifford has had two of his poems published by the UK Poetry Library and runs the vivacious blog www.cliffbens.blogspot.com dubbed Cup of Words. Clifford has been once honoured WRRpoetry Poet of the Week after the release of his “NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT SIN” poem. Clifford was recently interviewed internationally by Oral Ofori, the Presenter of the African Dream in Connecticut,USA and also by Youth Journalism International on the death of Dr. Nelson Mandela. Clifford was awarded Ghana Poet of the year 2013 by WRRpoetry and has performed spoken word in quit a number of events. Clifford is just another guy down the street who can only smile to the laughing faces and can chew the biting teeth. Positive though Human.

Love, Philosophy

My Lover Turns Into A Witch At Night

By Oppong Clifford Benjamin I was as sure as faith and dance as darkness and its absence and as heaven

Life, Sadness

Room 16

Room 16 It’s on the last floor small space, dim red light a holy Bible and more, Tattered curtain laid white.



Wednesday Services always were a bore And last week our attendance was only four But the message came so divine

Life, Philosophy

Men or the gods

  Screaming… Our Men have signaled their coming Beat drums Call musics Bring the stools Slaughter goats We can’t be


Class 3 Printing Fee

  (Please am sorry to take so much of your time, it will be much appreciated if read to the


Mr. Poet, Let’s Play a Game

So yesternight when our WhatsApp chat was getting boring, she put me to a challenge, “Mr.Poet,lets play a game” I


Happy Birth Day to Me

Today is my 24 hours year Many like this come but 2013’s is dear In this year, my destiny comes

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