One very sunny beautiful day,
Wonderful flowers, being warmed by sun rays,
Lived within the lucky heather, a very tiny family,
At the bottom, with amazing blossoms of the magic apple tree,

Great difficulty, walking through the tall blades of grass,
This tiny family of leprechauns were looking very very sad,
So i cut the grass short enough to stop them getting mad,
They danced around and sang a tune, they were very very glad,

They each picked a dandelion one o’clock, held up very high,

Wearing tiny green hats, waistcoats, and a little white tie,
They danced all around in their shiny black shoes,
In leprechaun language they sang a magic tune,


Then all of a sudden one came right up to me,
So i knelt down, how cute!, on his shoulder his own pet bee,
He gave me the one o’clock and said, we call them a wish,
Then said thank you, smiled, and on my cheek he left a tiny kiss,

He gave me a hug, giggled and went back to his family,
Formed a circle, then started to sing a lot more quietly,
They all held their wishes, ready to blow,
So i did the same and went with the flow,

One word was spoken, and they all stopped singing,
As soon as they were directed by the leprechaun king,
They all closed their eyes, made a wish and then blew,
So i followed along and made my wish too,

Millions of tiny one o’clocks floated high into the air,
The wind carried them further with lots of care,
The leprechauns cheered and gave each other hugs,
Even the butterflies, bees and other bugs,

All with smiley faces, they began singing again,
Skipping with joy, playing a happy game,
Everyone gave me a wave and blew me a kiss,
As they all danced off into the magical mist.

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Copyright © Micheala

Disclaimer: The image used herein has been submitted by the author. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.


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