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Meghana Kirdanti
Meghana Kirdanti

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Love, Sadness


  All the pages of my life are dark, I didn’t even sang a happy lark…. To the people all



  It seems like a nightmare, that i had never dreamt… To somewhere of nowhere, I had never went… I

My Dear Darling

My dear Darling…!!!

When you stand beside me, My heart flies with glee… When you look into my eyes, It just melts like


‘U’…My Dream…

You came at the fall, And changed them all….. The dark shadows, Turned into green meadows….. The paths of thorns,


Pain of my Eyes…..

Behind my eyes, There are lots of pains….. I walked many miles, To the end of skies, In search of


Let me tell you…

All my dreams, Running like streams, Hide their face, Behind my eyes….. All the sorrows, Filled in my tears, Opened


From the day I started…

  From the day I started, I found no shady trees….. From the day I started, I found no feelings

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