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Between Real and Unreal

…The thing with no name, Surrounded by sadness, That kind of sadness Penetrating the silence, That kind of silence Searching


Cosmic Alarm

Land-mark aeons of uncertainty and imbalance, new prototypes for our souls and our minds, the flowers growing up through the


Chaotic Seconds

Your tongue becomes a stretch of your scream. It is, in fact, a lying tongue, which breaks the complex truths


Bleeding Words

To talk with you doesn’t make any sense, When your bloody words can hurt me so much. An exciting show


Araucana Chilean

I look into your eyes and I can see Those wonderful Amsonia tabernaemontana. You have so much trustworthiness and confidence


Cobalt Violet

With white flowers of Hibiscus tiliaceus purau blooming in the morning, yet, With colors varying during the day until they


The Non-Existent Truth

The defined and the undefined truth, Endowed with knowledge or without knowledge, Sometimes real or unreal, Certainly including being and


An Impossible Math

In this trigonometric design, you’re my arcsine having an idiosyncratic angle of view, stealthily pinpointed in that perfect unit circle

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