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Olufunke Kolapo lives in the South Western part of Nigeria. She is a student of English at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, and a teacher turned writer. Her poems have been published in several online publications including Brightlight Cafe, The Writers' Cafe, UK Poetry Library, etc. She blogs at http://kolafunmi.wordpress.com.

Joy, Love

Soul Mate

My heart knew you before it met you You, I have waited for all my life So familiar like the


Pole of Hope

The man by the pole of hope, hoe in hand to till the ground, rope on his neck the tent



  Two sides to life Two faces Two edges And so are you Underneath your beauty You hid your thorns



  If this gentle wind could talk Would have whispered my longings Mounting, with every breath If hearts could connect


My Jewel – A Tribute to Mother

                        Mine heart fills with pleasure Oh depth of


Sneak A Peek (A Minute Poem)

  Tell me, you whom my heart desires Voice of my eyes Betray my heart Our prized secret My eyes,

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