Long back I visited few villages
Where there was silence and grasses!
Winds were playing with flowers
Men and women have very calm faces!

There were lakes, rivers and ponds
The lotus was there above the leaves!
The villages have various types of arts
The creepers were dancing under trees!

The clouds were the mountains dresses
Often there were goats and cocks fights!
There was beauty in all the places
The Birds were flying above the kites!

Some days there was mist and rain
Like a lantern the moon will shine!
Ants will appear like a straight line
The villagers sang a melodious song!

There were no judges and courts
People were so afraid of village Gods!
Many of the huts don’t have doors
Bullock carts will run on the village roads!

Dew drops were sleeping on leaves
Rabbits were sitting under cows shadows!
On Sundays there will be village fairs
Mangoes will be tasted by the sparrows!

Squirrels will run over telephone wires
Bunch of grapes were like the pyramids!
On trees-children swinging with tires
Simple villages have greatest wonders!

Those villages will be green for ever
Many cities are very nearer to the hell!
Life in a city is full of care and fear
Music in night clubs is the devils bell!


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