A Strange World

A Strange World

“A Strange World”

Strange are ways of the world,
Some people netting gold,
Others facing difficulty finding grub.

Strange is the ignorance of the masses,
Everywhere ruled by elite classes,
Always burdened like asses.

Strange is the course of love,
One seems to hit a treasure trove,
For happiness of others we strove.

Strange are the relations with people,
Our life with others we staple,
With separation in the end we grapple.

Strange is sadness and it’s flow,
Even the most determined loses glow,
Seems a walk on hot embers, slow.

Strange is the accumulation of desires,
One may get more than he requires,
Is more unfulfilled the more he acquires.

Strange is belief of humans on the Almighty.
Only looking upwards to his abode in difficulty,
Get oblivious of His existence when having plenty.

True !! the world we dwell in is strange,
Constantly trying the jigsaw to arrange,
In the game, getting the own self to derange.

Copyright Gurjinder Chahal 2014

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Copyright © Gurjinder Chahal

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File URL: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b0/Winter_treasure_trove_found_on_Christmas_Day_2006_-_geograph.org.uk_-_298427.jpg

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Nation’s Shame

Nation’s Shame

“Nation’s Shame”

Rape most foul
Populace growl
Huge public outcry
Sparks fly

Police seek cover
Did not deliver
Later on starts talking tough,
People feel they had enough.

Braveheart hospitalized,
Brutally vandalised,
Life hanging on thread,
Both soul and Body shred.

Protesters march in number,
Govt. still in slumber,
Reach gates of First House,
To outpour grouse.

Young, children and old,
Put the capital on hold
Justice chant,
Sky-high rant.

Politicans’ crocodile tears,
Due to inner fear,
Time for colour change,
Commoners acting strange !

Hands rise in prayer
Will the Good lord hear ?
Placards swing in air,
Want things square and fair.

Media of all forms,
And news too take rounds,
Whole country aware,
Want faces to black-smear.

Will culprits be booked
Or this time too let off-hook ?
Trials move snail-pace
Disgrace piled on disgrace.

Our daughter,
Rapists fodder !
You shadowed by guns
Leaving us for the goons !

Late-shifters scary,
Their parents too wary,
Worries double,
Add to trouble.

Another National shame,
Our hospitals only in name
In the cover of dark
Air-ambulance abroad embarks.

Social networks and roads flood
People bay for blood
Speedy deliverence of Justice
When to put into practise ?

Religious men fair sex blame,
Others indulge in verbal game,
All due to short dress
Create further mess.

Govt. now wants to teach lesson,
Brings tear-gas and water-canon,
Khakhi-sticks nobody spare,
Protesters caught in snare.

Brute state might,
Can turn wrong into right,
Girls, Old, Kids abused caned,
From above water-canons rained.

In the scuffle, one cop dead,
One more family’s hopes are tread,
The grin of death closely seen,
Sweeps all worldly joy from the scene.

Meanwhile culprits too caught,
Public hanging by people sought,
The police earlier under attack,
Now wants a pat on the back.

Battling death, Breaveheart dies,
Her lifeless body back home flies,
Stealthily given silent cremation,
As govt. fears more commotion.

Family given monetary relief,
Will it out place grief ?
A Nation in mourning weeps,
Anger within self it keeps.

Hope culprits meet their fate,
Bundled inside Hell’s gate,
Once set an example for all,
National character must not fall.

My condolence for Braveheart and Cop
Such brutality be put to stop,
Let social order prevail,
All must true liberty hail.

Change mindset and laws,
From legal system remove flaws,
From citizen minds fear displace,
Govt’s too must show more grace.

Lastly, give Fair Eves their due,
Wrongdoers we jointly pursue,
Make this country a better place,
To all the world show a better face!

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Copyright © Gurjinder Chahal

Gurjinder Chahal on facebook

Image: Gurjinder Chahal


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