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Abhik Shome
Abhik Shome

Abhik Shome is a singer songwriter and poet from New Delhi India. His creative writings are bilingual as he writes in both Hindi and English. His genres include prose, free verse, lyric rhymes, Haiku, Tanka, flash fiction, short stories, among others. This body of work has been featured in various national and international literary magazines and websites such as Ignire by Crystal concept, Writers and lovers studio (Taiwan) and www.poetrybits.com. Apart from his music and poetry, he has also completed work on his first novel and awaiting its publication.His Facebook wall is usually a mix of his views and pictures of cute kittens.


A sudden turn

A sudden turn We walk in the park The rose tinged environment Telling the tales of Indian writers and their


Webs and Waves of time

Webs and waves of time My past is a sweet glass of wine Subject of many evenings Of reminiscence, of


The Title Does Not Belong Here

The title does not belong here Shifting between Different Universes Duly inhibited by each of my personalities I am taking



India – The answer Waiting on a foreign shore I know it’s not foreign to me Listening to the alien


My Cosmic Ghost

This night, this hour, at this very moment I evaporate from the above listed concepts Existing beyond the realms of


A poem from my heart

In all things present In all things past It has simply been me searching for love which is gonna last


What I see

  What I see? The eyes are closed for the fiction Only to open in convictions Which manifest inside me


Just a day ago

                        Just a day ago this was my own

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