Aspirations inherited

I am a balloon filled with hope.
You seek to watch my ascent with joy,
You believe I will reach the distant stars.
But I fear a leak shall soon manifest,
My journey shall be ended prematurely.
But if you inhale the air I lose,
My aspirations will be your respiration.
In you they will blossom to fruition,
My unfulfilled dreams become your reality.
My motivation may soon disperse,
But you will breathe it all in and fly.
The comets so beautiful greet me now,
But Gravity and less air draws me down.
Mother Earth whispers my name softly,
Her voice beckons me back to her.
As we cross paths a quick hug please,
My consolation seeing you rise high.
The heavens open to pull you in,
Beneficiary of my inspirations and goals.
My dreams you shall enjoy in altitude,
Even as Mother Earth and I make new commune.

©Perveiz Ali

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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