Have you turned yourselves to be socialites?
Showing off your immoral nature to the nation,
While the public funds you do gnaw like termites,
On the other side, poor citizen are under scrutinization.

Am sorry to call you hypocrites,
Shameful as some towns lack clean water ration,
Despite of public funds spared for such projects,
Fond of thinking about your stomach donation.

Thousands of jobless youths cry in plight,
Have lost their hopes from your promises notion,
Are you con-persons, who benefit from their votes?
See how they do suffer in the streets with much limitation.

Deep from my heart, this pain hurts,
Commodities prices are high in abnegation,
There is suffering, from the grass-roots sites,
Why lie, while you know the real solution.

Scandals has become your domestic pets,
Your personalities are covered by corruption,
You are more than dangerous known pests,
As I finish, something has to change in this nation…

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai

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