Appeal to nature

Wavy lush green meadows & shrubs
Evergreen, overgrown trees & bushes
Fields, rivers plateaus & oceans
Remain home of millions known & unknown

Pines & groves on mountain slopes
Criss crossing trees in thick forest lobes
Rivers traversing from end to end !
Is there a Heaven besides this trend?

Nature……You chart out plans obeying rules,
Organize seasons as per schedule,
Maintain balance with all your patience!
Warning man the consequences of disobedience!

Well…What triggers your anger?
You lose your balance, end up in mass slaughter!
Causing earthquakes, flood, tsunami, landslides
Wiping mankind as fast and far as you desire

In your fury, you punish sick, old and innocents
Leaving the poor helpless and homeless
Hard to believe such a pleasant lustrous creation
Has a cruel face of devastation and destruction!

Oh! dear Nature! Have mercy on living beings!
We all depend on you for every little thing.
A humble request to shed off your unpleasant rage
Be gracious and magnanimous as you had always been……….

Mythily Govindan

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Copyright © Mythily Govindan

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Disclaimer: The image herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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