My sweetheart, lover and my soul provider,
My old precious golden heart and wise queen,
I have never left you nor denial to bring you feeder,
But before I decide to take a step have to be keen.

Your wise words touches my soul my life guider,
I miss the olden days in the village in between,
Those days you use to punish me with a bladder,
When your super words I didn’t follow nor listen.

I have find you a beautiful bird with white feather,
Coming from a far away land its heart had win,
So sensitive and intelligent but pays with weather,
Covering my soul with happiness so sooth like fish fin.

I value your wisdom words up to now I do gather,
My whole life your advice have followed like train,
Am planning very soon to come so as to be together,
So as you can give me blessings and wash my brain.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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Photo/ Art Credit: Satya Srinivas

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