And I asked of autumn…
Where have you been?
Preparing to put summer to bed
Birthing winter for nature’s nap
Was her respond

And I asked of autumn…
Would you not stay the year?
Her reply, has not our Lord created the seasons?
Then I would not be what I am to you now
Was her respond

Again I asked of autumn…
What do you behold for me this season?
Temperate mornings for clement crisp daybreaks
Twilights of blazing crimson to meander under
Soothing arrays of colored moods
I convey anticipation threading the air

My hand I offer thee
That we may stroll as one
My epoch also will fade and demise for a time
Let’s celebrate this time that God has bestowed on us
Create reminiscences, recollections of harvest pasts enjoy
Carpei Diem…was her respond

Copyright 2012 Wandering Satellite Publishing

Eric Von Rohr

Copyright © Eric Von Rohr
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