And I asked of autumn…
Where have you been?
Preparing to put summer to bed
Birthing winter for nature’s nap
Was her respond

And I asked of autumn…
Would you not stay the year?
Her reply, has not our Lord created the seasons?
Then I would not be what I am to you now
Was her respond

Again I asked of autumn…
What do you behold for me this season?
Temperate mornings for clement crisp daybreaks
Twilights of blazing crimson to meander under
Soothing arrays of colored moods
I convey anticipation threading the air

My hand I offer thee
That we may stroll as one
My epoch also will fade and demise for a time
Let’s celebrate this time that God has bestowed on us
Create reminiscences, recollections of harvest pasts enjoy
Carpei Diem…was her respond

Copyright 2012 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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