An Invisible Girl

Hidden in a corner, everything is dark,
I see the world around me, but never taking part,
My friends just overlook it, I don’t think they can see,
The thing inside, that is killing me…
It tears at my heart and soul, eating me alive,
Sometimes I’m just wishing, that I could just die,
I want someone to notice, see that I am here,
To hold me close and tell me, that they really care…
Everyone’s so wrapped up in their life, that all they see is their own,
I want them to see that I am sitting here, confused and so alone,
I want someone to be with me, But no one seems to care,
I am wasting my life on wishing, that I was never here…
The pain inside me is cutting me, like a thousand pieces of glass,
Driving deeper into my heart, when I think about my life class,
I am tired looking for a better life, but the future doesn’t seem to be real,
So I will always be, AN INVISIBLE GIRL…

Copyright @ Divya Bagul

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