feeling bored…want to laugh???

Feeling bored? Want to laugh ? Then come along with me on the safari of an amusement park. Here you will find creatures of a variety of species. So come on… read ahead……….!!!!!!!

Look there right on the first bench,


He sleeps at 6am

and wakes up at 8am.

Still as fresh as a daisy!!

Look there right next to him, Miss. Punctual,

Her whole life runs,

along the hands of the clock.

She enjoys in a small

world of hers within bounds.

Adjacent to her comes,

Miss. Tragedy Queen,

A day dreamer,


a laughing buster,

& very lucky

as she is loved by all.

Now comes ,

Mr. Charming,

He is known for his


A bit lazy

but even more efficient in his work.

Here comes the,

Mr. Einstein,

The most cute &

talented of all.

He has solution for every problem

& his best buddy is his ‘computer’.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













Now now now, its time for,


Named so,

as he can handle

many things simultaneously.

Look there right in the corner,

Miss. Tweety,

Always late, but perfect

in work.

Fed-up with languages,

& embarrassed due to height.

Now its turn of our,

Miss. Rapunzel,

All are crazy,

behind her long hair.

A late-comer

but brilliant in maths.

Now look very carefully at,

Miss. Universe,

Her walk, her make-up,

her madness,

& her romantic nature,

may she gets an equally romantic

better half.

Come closer and see,

Mr. Chava,

An excellent dancer,

good looking

& our comedian.

Now meet the one and only,

Mr. Price tag,

Wearing his Ray band


& his Pepe Jeans t-shirt,

he will guide you

with all the accurate prices.

But with a clean heart.

Look who is it, it is


The one and only one singer,

A rare combination of

romance & bhai-giri.

Now its turn of our beloved,

Mr. Tortoise,

A bit slow,

but very kind

& down to the earth.

Now open your eyes wide enough,

because now its turn of,

Miss. Asia-Pacific,

The most beautiful of all,

has made everyone crazy of

her ‘Katilana Ada’!!

Look who is that,

Mr. Pagal,

Very innocent & sweet,

His only problem is

his sensitiveness.

God give him courage

& health to face Life.

Now meet,

Mr. Question Mark,

Whatever you tell him,

He will surely

have a silly question to it.

Be careful he is,

Mr. Cabbage,

As he has to wear a layer

of clothes to make him

look fat.

But lovely by nature.

Hope you might be entertained in this amusement park of mine??? I have being enjoying this park of mine since last 3 years, and I will be missing this amusement in the forthcoming years too. There are still many species left to be introduced, but for know I must take your leave.See You !!!!! – Shraddha N. Rane

Copyright @ Shraddha N. Rane


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