Abstract nebulas nicked of a neglectful notion
Stain heavily the vivified falsified views of heaven
Still I await subserviently for an epiphany to illuminate the cosmic sky
With an idea that will spark the heliocentric stratosphere

Thusly enraging the ephemeral incandescent glory
That belongs to the untamed tapped light plagued with photons
And a god like plasma which mimics the holy tears of archangels

Those that were once shed for the sons of man
As well as for the fallen stars
That were shamed to their own sorrows as shadows of lucifer

Nevertheless, Mellifluous are these dwindling epoch sounds of forgotten times
That are held as caged birds under the ever growing weights of infinity
Yet the impending sonorous reverberates in my temporal cerebral core
As a healing stasis fixed to be lobotomized, so it may live separately from the demonic entities therein

Though within the faint glimpses of your eyes traces of a holy luminescence
Marks the sight of your purified essence
Therefore by virtue the limerence I had for you are tied to the remembrance of the phosphenes
Captivated by the florescent irises that could only be cultivated by your vigilant stare

Slanted forever the integrated bliss to a soulless soul
The shapeshifting fortress injected into this world as an idle phantom
Posed in a stillness known only in an astral universe something so evident
… I am completely compelled by it, as I am fool heartedly bound by you

Now I lie empathatic towards a wanderlust of an age
Where echoes that ripple as shockwaves flood the unseen bloom of a dying nova
Hence, Compassionate are those that understand
The twilight of this well known forbearing misconception

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

Also at: Tony Yang’s post on his blog

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Copyright © Tony Paradise’s Poet
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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.


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