Why should I wait, kneeling down for people,
Begging for their support since life isn’t simple,
Up to when should my eyes hold a drop of tear,
Waiting for life boost, failing year after year.

Am used to their laughter, those who put off my candle,
Who for a while have let dogs to lean my wounds bundle,
Every moment I failed have been there to cheer,
At daylight announcing my downfall will keep steer.

Have now discovered where to taste life’s apple,
The secret is to let off fear from my soul’s tittle,
Because in every minute past, life seems not to be fair,
But does it means that mortal man should not keep long hair?

There is a big difference between blue and purple,
The sour young mango can’t stop a bat from eating pineapple,
Fear in life is like a deadly poisonous snake in desert air,
Am taking it down as I wrestle to take success pear.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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