(A poem for Zee, from the heart)

At the genesis of eternity,
Immortal love was born
When Matahari and Bulan were born,
Matahari is blazing fire;
Bulan is black ice,

The four seasons began their cycleAIR BORNE WISP 1
According to the positions of Bulan and Matahari
The conception of Fire and Ice
Gave birth to time

Matahari was born inert and golden,
With a radiance which makes Bulan snow-white;
Bulan would have been but a bleak bloat
Of darkness without Matahari

DEAR Matahari, our love is an airborne wisp;
Swept and whirled by Nature,
It flies in the air like a flight feather,
With not a care
About where its bearer takes it;
Swaying in this, and that way
Coincidence being rare,
It is only at full moon,
When I can trip upon your beam
And gladly embrace the ‘Light of Honour’’

Oh, my dear Bulan;AIR BORNE WISP 3
Our destiny was predetermined before creation
Our love is not easy to nurture

You have been the centre of my orbit,
And I have orbited all my life,
I dance around you Matahari,
Oh how I would love to dance a tango with you!
I have made myself vulnerable,
And have laid myself bare before you.
What effort have you made to reach out for me my love?
I will not lament over the brevity of life,
We are the elements of time,
We are time itself my dear
Each step I take as I orbit
Gives birth to the second,
And years

I know eclipse is not enough Bulan,
But in our helpless passion,
I have chosen to shield you from my vehement desire;
But have hurt you in trying to protect you.
In my inertness
I have chosen to give life, warmth and light.
To give life is to love,
But is to love to give?

It’s the pain of separation,
There is a chimera chasing me,
I wish it would catch up with me soon.
It is a dream of us spiralling
Into some convivial space of the universe,
Dancing a tango
It is a dream of you holding me close
Unceasingly whispering endearments,
And I, gasping, moaning; melting…
Should the dream ever materialize?
Can Fire ever dance with Ice?
I do not know.

Love is long-suffering,
*Love is patient and kind,
True love is immortal.

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Copyright © Victor Gordon

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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