Agitated i am,
to hold your hand,
and to take all you woes.

Agitated i am,
to fulfill your dreams,
and to deliver you my happiness.

Dreams and Fear,
Dreams, i have weaved,
Fear, you have inside.

Lets share each other smile,
and get lost in our laughs.

Let the storm come,
Let we be mountains of eternal peace.

Let the world look into our eyes,
and see the beautiful portraits of our heavenly world.

Oh Beautiful!
Lets carve a world of our dreams,
Let me write our Saga with the eminent ink of our love.

Oh Love!
Lets fall asleep in the whispering tones of each other.
In the warmth of our love.
In the deepness of eyes.

Let me be in peace! !
In the scents of your physic,
In the darkness of your hairs,
In the deepness of your love,
In the dark shadows of you.

Let your shadow be my swinging cradle,
Let your whispering breaths be my lullabies,
Your presence is patting my soul,
Your warmth god’s presence for me.
Let the swans sing for us

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is submitted by the author and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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