There was a misconception,
Still it is with the young guys
That they used to make a tryst
With cigars
In the company,
Talking big about
Style, fashion and heroism,
But gone are those days
Of smokers and smokes,
You taking the puffs
And puffing out,
The lit cigar held in,
The trails of smoke rising
And you thinking

As on the beautiful case
We used to see it written
A statutory warning,
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health,
But who hears it
And they smoked
For pleasure,
Love and show
As for habit and fashion,
The cigarette-smokers smoking and coming,
Lit and held in,
With style,
The cigarette burning
And he smoking,
Smoking like a film star
To show
And for addiction.

The senior school boys and the new ones
Going to college
Used to take the tips
And used to give too
As for holding it,
And smoking in style
With delight
As it used to open up
Many avenues
As for being smart, bold and frank,
Even saving the pocket money
Given for tiffins
And the guardians
On hearing the rumours
Used to smell their mouth
And search pockets
As for the remains of tobacco.

The cigarette is burning,
Smokes rising,
In curls
Just like the clouds
The dreamer dreaming,
Taking the puffs
Thinking something,
Ashes shaken off
Or into the ash-tray,
The cigar on the lips
The match-box not,
The lighter stricken
And the flame striking
To light it.

Unmindful of the warning of today,
Smoking kills,
Not of yesterday,
The statutory warning,
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health
And instead of that,
Taking good solid food
Smoked they,
But today just on junk and fast foods,
How can they,
The thin-bodied ones
Just for to be heroes,
I mean the urban boys
Of the city space
In hostels and hotels
As hostellers and hoteliers
Or boarders?

Smoke, smoke you definitely,
But not without taking good food,
Smoke, smoke you
For pleasure,
May show it too,
But not like a hero
Of the filmy drama,
Be a real hero,
Practical and down to realities,
Not to destroy money
On cigars only,
Smoke you, but spoil you not
Your career,
Develop your personality
But not by smoking so cigars.

The pleasure of smoking,
The negatives and positives
None but a smoker knows,
Not a chain-smoker
Or a cheroot-taker
To be an addict,
But smoke you mildly,
Think you mildly
Smoking and going somewhere,
Coming back
And thinking,
Smoke, smoke you
To add to pleasure,
Not to your woes
After having smoked
And blackened your lungs.

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Disclaimer: Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the image used herein.

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