After mom

You left me alone as survivor on
This heartless island
Amidst these bitter facts doing
Careless confession
Like this life as I retained as soul
Wither after you
Still like creeping beggar chasing
Lovable heart like you
Even after I lose my finger as a
Matured and ripped not still
know how to walk the way of life
like sojourn on this land
proving my own alibi
but bizarre thoughts weird and ignorance
of overlooking deceptions as if all are liars
around me
and I am playing game of blind fold
after you
like blind stumbling or lurching on
way of home
my or their sanity not forgotten to
discriminate as gender, colour religion
poor, lame , blind, insane, beggar
don’t know why not this mind transformes?
After you.
Still your exodus frighten me to love
Anybody in world.

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