For the world to truly became a better place

It is paramount not to indulge in selfish endeavors

Hearts that only care for no one but themselves

Are corrupted seeds that blemish life’s garden


To love thy neighbor as you love thy self

Is a pure and divine rule that show us the way

To a peaceful existence for all of mankind

A cure for war and all vileness we abhor


Selfish deeds only darkens mind and soul

And harbor shadows which choke the light

That often guides us to a path that’s true

To righteous virtues we find ourselves blind


Pursuing self-interests in the expense of others

Is why we bear witness to brother against brother

Our minds riddled with one question “where is the love?’

Instead of love, its money that makes the world go round!


Brothers and sisters open your hearts and eyes

Think beyond the notions of me, me, me and me

And you shall see the miracles giving can do

To brighten the future and change the world

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