I am in Love Again

I am in Love Again

The very first day I saw you with a red bag and
a tie round your neck,
I felt as if my heart was falling off its deck
My mind asked- if it was infatuation or love,
To my utter delight, my heart replied, baby, its
love its love its love.
I was too young to understand what love is,
Some told me it was a nocturnal bliss,
Some told me, it was sheer delight,
You can forget her with all your might.
I used to take a seat just to glance at her look,
My heart with her was a metaphorical hook,
I badly missed her every dawn,
Love went flowing in my heart on and on and
As time passed by, we became best buddies,
Still I was hesitant to propose her,
Don’t know, why I was reluctant to approach
I was a changed guy, that was the compliment
by rest of my buddies.
I proposed her on her birthday,
Oh my, I still remember that divine day,
Aah, she told me, everything was conveyed by
your heart,
What added to its essence was your silly dart.
But sorry, she just gifted me a slam,
I felt like to spend my day with tamazepam,
Maybe my mistake was that, I was much formal,
No matter whatever it was, I tried to be normal.
I still remember each n every sleepless night,
But I was able to comfort myself soon with all
my might.
May she get everything she wants, that’s my
prayer to the thee,
I was mesmerized by her joys, yes, that was
none other than me.
Years passed by and by,
My heart always asked how and why,
Why and how could I forget her?
Was that infatuation or I really loved her?
Whatever it is, I am changed with all my trend,
She is still one of my best friend,
Some say, you can’t fall in love twice,
But yes, I am again in love, that’s the
irreversible move taken by my
life’s dice.
Her native is the same where she used to reside,
I tried to carry myself beside,
Yaa… I am again in love,
Help me the almighty, I am again in love.
I swear I shall forget all my silly flirt,
That was used to create a hostel mirth,
I don’t wanna fall in love for the third time,
God, I don’t wanna make my life as sour as lime.
I don’t know, whether my golden days are ahead
or not,
Don’t merely end this with a awful dot,
For the holy thee, I am again in love,
Oh yaa… God, I am again in love.

Copyright @ Sujit Kumar Nath


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