Her name is Irene Ahidjo from Cameroon,
Has the shinning beautiful eyes of a cat,
We met in Yaoundé she was dressed in maroon,
The way she was walking made me to miss a flight.

She greeted me in French was lost in bright noon,
Due to shock and excitement my face became wet,
My mind went off on a blackout and never returned soon,
Was eager to hear her voice that’s made me to wait.

I remained akimbo with the zeal of a Kenyan man,
My mouth wide open as if I was in a dream drought,
I never did blink even for a second just to see the woman,
If she would say yes unto me to marry her had no doubt.

The next meeting was in Bonabéri city in a train,
She remembered and invited me for out retreat,
I could not believe my eyes as happiness did drain,
She was real cool and descent nourished beaut.

I swear to take her back to my parents lain,
Just to go and receive blessings in African plant,
She opened her heart and was ready for my love grain,
I wrote this strong love message in bold font.

Irene you are true African lady and queen,
My love unto you won’t remain so dormant,
Protecting your feelings from strong love pain,
Since you deserve a super royal love treat.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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