There was a time, now lost in the past
When material possessions came last
Help was provided eagerly and fast
Human kindness spread wide and vast
Modern times would draw appalling aghast
The evil things we do would flabbergast
Because of how bad they pale in contrast

Evil was a despised and shunned outcast
Whether it was sunny or darkly overcast
People were real not a pretending cast
Changing faces like the weather forecast
Man was immune to the materialistic blast
His link with nature was pure and steadfast
Life’s ship had true happiness as its mast

There was a time, but it is no more
When the love and fear of God always came first
Before the love of the earthly pleasures we thirst
There was a time, but it is no more
When loving and caring for one another came first
Before selfish desires became our unquenchable thirst
There was a time, but it is no more
When good morals and true values always came first
Before man’s nature got corrupted by a wicked thirst
There was a time, but it is no more
Before all that was once pure took a turn for the worst

Way before man’s honor turned to dust
When hearts of men were free of lust
Great discipline a trait that was must
People and society were easy to trust
The meaning of life unstained by rust
Man had a wisdom all could entrust
Against winds blowing a wicked gust

Life’s truth undefiled by greed’s thrust
Selfishness and dishonor, were a disgust
To all, humanity was strong and robust
Fellowman used to be very fair and just
Even when circumstances proved unjust
His principled values would never readjust
To shenanigans wanting his morals to adjust

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