A sudden turn

We walk in the park
The rose tinged environment
Telling the tales of Indian writers and their muses
Each of us assuming our respective roles
In our warm embrace
It is 12 PM

We are watching a war movie
But my thoughts are fixed on you
The pixels of the screen convert
Into abstract atoms of love
Whose essence carve out
What you mean to me
In your thoughts
It is 9 PM

Let me be free
Let me be the monster that I am
I am the devil of your time
Making you forget who you are
As I make you realize who you are

My celestial dancer
Dance and harmonize
Whatever is offbeat in the world
Put everything now in tune and rhythm
So we now think in musical notations
And not in confessions and confusion

But please do not judge me
Don’t misunderstand me in terms of the lines
And measures of the world
Be a mother to me too
And remember not to abandon your child
Then we will be timeless

Copyright © 2015 Abhik Shome. All rights reserved.

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Copyright © Abhik Shome

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.


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