In this age of science and information
There is still a lot of misinformation
In regards to our spiritual formation
There is no solid scientific affirmation
Our spiritual existence face defamation

Our ignorance is like an inflammation
Our blindness a course for exclamation
Yet is embraced with great acclamation
Lost like souls beyond any reclamation
Our world needs a spiritual transformation

No matter your creed or denomination
If we place it under a close examination
Religious beliefs are under contamination
Attacked with a zeal and determination
That is steadily leading us to extermination

Our spiritual seed just upon germination
Often becomes the subject of elimination
And left in its place, a moral abomination
Physical soulless shells taking domination
Our world needs a spiritual transformation

The world has fallen to spiritual desiccation
Our state of immorality is a pure indication
Our wrenched self-acts of vile fornication
Speaking against can attract provocation
Only answering to a materialistic vocation

We’re in need of wisdom beyond education
So as to overcome this spiritual altercation
Our souls devoid of spiritual purification
So many unaware of the dire ramification
It’s plain to see that this is not a fabrication
Our world needs a spiritual transformation

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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