Life’s journey is not always glamorous
Neither is it always sweet and humorous
Often the road gets to be very treacherous
Thus turns from adventurous to dangerous

You’re bestowed the power to be victorious
To forge own destiny that’s great and glorious
Thou we seek to be happy and prosperous
Truth is the world is never that generous

Life’s pleasures and treasures are venomous
The challenges to overcome can be enormous
We all have talents that are uniquely precious
And for that we should be grateful and gracious

Life’s trials and tribulations are not so obvious
And the temptations we face are quite devious
So we must learn to be strong and even ferocious
For life’s battles and circumstances can be atrocious

Planting good seeds makes your harvest delicious
Whist bad seeds make your harvests malicious
The righteous path will lead to someplace luminous
The insidious path will lead to a someplace verminous

Don’t be of values and virtues that are noxious
Don’t be ignorant, closed minded or obnoxious
Indeed in your deeds and choices be very cautious
For they can beget consequences that are vicious

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