The snow Is falling
The virgin land shining
Millions of diamonds fused
The cold seeping deep within you
Lost and alone In this wonderland
Then your hand Is taken
Fear Is within your brown eyes
Death’s face looks upon you
The time for eternity Is come
You fall senseless upon Virgin land
You seek to stay within peaceful darkness
Yet you know this shall never be.

Now I carry you In my arms
My beloved Veronique In a swoon
I await but the opening of soft brown eyes
I need not await long
Soft brown eyes I now look upon
The recognition plain to see
Your smile lights up your face
You become my living sun once more
Your waterfall of auburn locks fall around your shoulders
The glory that Is my Veronique held In my arms
You are the winter’s queen
You are the Love of my heart.

Oh my Love how my heart does play
I am home here within your arms
I look Into your brown eyes my reflection there
Your hair greying making you seem distinguished
Oh let me feel those blessed lips on mine
You smile and my world Is alive with Love
Let me down that I may walk with you
Our destination Is Heaven’s height
I feel your heart beat In union with mine
Kiss me and open Heaven’s gates
Now I am on my feet beside you
The scene Is set for our Love to bloom.

Before us In this wonderland the scene unfolds
A small bridge across a frozen river
Lights emblazen the windows of a country cottage
Two Lovers, we are walking across the bridge
Before our cottage of Love we now stand
Come Into my arms my beloved
This Is where the winter heart belongs
Come now let me carry you over winter’s threshold
Within the log fire does fiercely burn
It awaits for Lovers to lay before It
The heart beats with Love true as Heaven’s sky
Take my hand and let us live the snow dream.

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Copyright © Paul Mansfield

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