a kiss on my lovely little cheeks...

a kiss on my lovely little cheeks…

A slap on my lovely little cheeks,
a kiss on the other one
life never seemed as worthy,
as thou made it now

A hug that makes my day,
a nudge full of eternal bliss
a truce of eternal love,
an aura of thy divine love

yess! i miss the cozy little lap,
a subtle desire to rest within
I love your tuneful carol as a lazy lusk,
that seems as soft as melodies of dusk [avatar user=”Sujitkumar” size=”100″ align=”right”]

Life without you is so desolate and bare
a sweet kiss under the mist of a scarlet sky,
a kiss on my lovely little cheeks,
and a slap on the other one….

Copyright © sujit kumar nath



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