I could turn back the time to innocence...

I could turn back the time to innocence…

I watched in silence
the time drip slowly by;
how it seems to just fly
like the strong, brewing scent
of a fresh pot of coffee;
here one moment,
gone the next
I sat all alone
in a café by the lake,
nibbling on a sweet crumb cake
remembering all of my life’s mistakes
The hustle of skirts flying in and out;
cups of coffee flying all about
Everyone glancing at the watches on their wrists
as the time flew silently by [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”] and I wished to myself
that for just once
I could turn back the time
to innocence…

Copyright © Priya Patel

Also at: https://plus.google.com/113123022525505274205/posts/NG58wXgXbme



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