Together we had a rail voyage by the tantalizing quirk of fate,
Thy thought muses me still…… my dear mate…
We were seated in our spick & span compartment,
Mugging and gossiping was our only department..
we found ourselves munching thre yummy,
Together we gulped into our heartless tummy…
We tried to explore one’s secrets inquisitively,
Thou rang your ex… aah. That forced us to laugh sarcastically..
I removed my jerkin to put it aside,
It was thou whom I found beside.

Together we enjoyed the victory of our trip.
Aah.. lets see when we get our next grip..
Initially we talked like a stranger in the vicinity,
Then you pretended to be a demure under my scrutiny..
Actually she was a bonhomie full of exuberant attitude,
Oh…. I still respect thy gratitude.
Thee… I still cherish those unforgotten thirty hours,
My mouth still aches, when I ponder upon those endless talks..
We gossipped all night, then sleep hovered over us a bit..
Hey… I miss you dear….you great nitwit..

He buddy you gave me a new year to cherish upon,
I still reverie the voyage, oh.. those divine hours we had..
Together we the silly game that made us glad,
I could hardly apply my prodigy to know the logos which bestowed upon,
You showed me the place, that was your native,
Our journey was a simple one, yet very lucrative..
Dear, the subtle tears in your eyes made my heart weep,
That stroke my heart like a torpedo in the deep..
There are umpteen reasons for you to smile,
Drenching your eyes for him… dude, that’s just a silly vile.

It was hard to accept the grim of reaching our destination,
Oh.. the blatant agony… that was causing a great frustration..
Unfortunately we became a brat to each other,
The throes within us lead us to nudge each other..
The trip was counting its last steps,
We had whims that the voyage never ends…
All we could do is cuddle ourselves,
The ardent trauma of separation we could feel within ourselves..
My heart still dreams of your squinted look,
Hey buddy… I think, we got our hearts tied with a metamorphical hook….

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Copyright © Sujit Kumar Nath

Disclaimer: The picture used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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