Now slowly the walls will fall...

Now slowly the walls will fall…












Years of warmth
Soft touch of your heart
A tender you
of which I was a part
The sweetest lips
Your gentle smiles
Laughter so rich
would go on for miles
For three years short,
I lived deep within
that warmth

Hope sprouting
from walls broken down
A passionate bonding
from new loves sound
Eyes bespoke of
a clear understanding
but nothing
was understood at all
Now slowly
the walls will fall

Walking towards each other
on a one way street
This is no way
for two hearts to compete
Expectations were just
too hard to meet
To just simply walk away
is not so easy
for in your cold silence
you have taken so much of me
You so easily
tossed me away

I am a ball
that will bounce high
above your walls
and I will become
a stronger me again
I will not fall so hard again
Your ice cold silence
cut me so very deeply
but will soon
be just another memory
for you never really saw all of me
For you I was a promise [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right” link=”/author/priya-patel”] that was just never met
I tried, we tried
but we both were just too blind
I will not fall so hard again

Copyright © Priya Patel
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