As I sail my ship through the ocean of life
Battling the waves some high some low
At times they rest so tranquil and calm
Yes the waters of life change like tides
The wind can be strong to blow me of course
And indeed it’s a struggle to get back in line
Sometimes the winds are a gentle breeze
They whisper the songs of ancient times
There comes a time am surrounded by sharks
Patiently waiting for me to fall overboard
At times am charmed by humble dolphins
All parts and parcel of these waters of wonder
Some nights have a cold that creeps and bites
Some days are so hot it scorches and burns
To survive this voyage I must whether all storms
When the clouds are very dark and angry grey
And when the skies are a blissful shade of blue
The sands of time often quickly seep through
Sometimes they drag and drag forever and ever
Then there it is! a majestic towering lighthouse
This guides my ship to the shores at worlds end

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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