The sad wind blows and breeze into memory the sad effect,
The evil Shekau’s wars shackles Borno and leaves it with defect,
Children born for daddys now rendered orphans,
but their pains the Government fails to detect
Pains upon pains this toil really inflicts,
In the refugee camp daddy is not where to be select,
Upon the face of the earth mummy has been delete,Looking with keen eyes government provides not even an orphanage,
As more widows, widowers and orphans
The Evil Shekau creates…
The sad wind blows and breezes,
I remember our fallen Soldiers and my heart aches,
From my eyes tears flows with no retreat,
as this is made our fate,
The crying Borno child i am…
I longed for a companion but mother is no where to be seen,
I longed for a companion but father is in no where to be found,
Dejected i am, as an object, Relying solely on my faith,praying for nothing but a good fate.
While the government seeks to be re-elect,
I wish someone will my pains detect,
As one question through my mind stands erect,
I may over come the pains but not the effect.
And i dare ask…”Is a home really a home when your love ones are gone?”
Close yours and imagine your home razed, Sisters raped, mothers burnt, fathers killed and then feel the pain,
Crying Borno child i am,
And this is a bit of my pain i wish to paint…
Ya Allah take away my pains.
(c) M. S. Uthman

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Copyright © Musa Shehu Uthman

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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